Sunday, 23 August 2009

Zombies: Revenant Zombie magazine #0

Revenant has consistently been a good source of material for zombie genre lovers. Now they've got a magazine coming out, featuring Antony Lane's Invasion of the Not Quite Dead. Please support it as there aren't any other Zombie genre specifci magazines out there, that I know of.

BTW: For those of us in the UK, shipping is $7 so a total of $13.99.

From the site:

We have been working very hard on our print debut of Revenant Magazine and we are pleased to announce that we are now taking orders for issue #0 which will be out next month.

Issue #0 is a limited edtion printing and features some amazing content!

Our cover story is a very great interview with 'Invasion of the Not Quite Dead' director AD Lane' We also talk to Marc Price about his micro budget zombie film 'Colin'. 'Breathers' author S.G. Browne spills his guts.

This issue also features some amazing zombie fiction, artwork and comics. As well as reviews and artilcles covering the world of the dead!


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