Wednesday, 19 August 2009

One To Watch Out For: The Fallow Field


Amnesiac Matt Sadler awakes alone in the middle of a wilderness with no recollection of the past seven days.


He finds his way home to discover a life rapidly falling apart: his wife is convinced he’s hiding an affair, the police are suspicious of his repeated disappearances and now he is plagued by terrifying nightmares when he closes his eyes.

As disturbing slithers of memory gradually return to Matt he retraces his steps to uncover his missing actions during
the blackouts.

Matt’s search leads him out of the city and in to the wild hills and harvesting fields of the countryside, to a remote farm owned by loner Calham. The cold farmer is suspicious of Matt but instantly sparks a dark sense of Déjà vu in his visitor.

But Calham turns on Matt, imprisoning and interrogating him, before forcing him on a terrible journey of abduction and slaughter to show the amnesiac the twisted games they used to play together.

As Matt’s fogged memory slowly begins to clear and he learns the two men share a violent history, the horrors of their past come skipping out of the darkness to greet them…

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