Wednesday, 24 June 2009

DVD Review: Hardware

My review/feature for the Optimum Region 2 release of Hardware is up at Flash-Bang Movie Reviews:
Coming Soon: Reviews of Dust Devil: Final Cut, The House By The Cemetary, Dead Girl, Macabre, Knowing DVDs.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Obsessed Commuters

I've been commuting to London for just over 20 years and I thought I'd seen it all; man's inhumanity to man. This morning took it up to a whole different level to which I had to wonder what really does go through some people's heads, if anything.
Now, I have to confess that myself and a fellow commuter know where the doors should stop when the 7.03 from Chelmsford arrives at Platform 2. As there are no markers that part of the platform it can be a bit of a lottery as each driver interprets the 8 carriage stop in a different way, sometimes in a weird and not wonderful way. I reassure myself that this is not OCD but a practical solution to ensure that we get a seat. I hate standing rooted to the spot for 40 minutes.
This morning I was a couple of minutes later than normal. We find the spot and wait for the train at about 06:45. As I walked up at the stairs to Platform 2, I saw a guy on his way up the platform. Now, i walk fast, but this guy turned, saw me behind him, and sped up. Needless to say I carried at my own hasty walking speed.
Somehow, I knew what he was going to do. As I approached I could see that John was already there (normal for a morning. he camps there I think) and next to him was a woman. The guy who noticed me and sped up stood to the right of John.
So, he sped up to get to the spot that I normally stand at. Unbelievable! How petty lol! I thought that the woman might have moved slightly to her leftto accomodate my presence and allow me to speak to John properly, but no.
There are some strange people around and you'll more than likely find them on public transport.

Monday, 22 June 2009

Hardware DVD Release: Interview with Richard Stanley

Mike from Flash-Bang recently asked if I would interview Richard Stanley at Optimum Releasing's London offices in support of their release of the film on DVD and Blu-ray. I liked Hardware, so jumped at the chance. Having never done a face to face interview before, I was nervous about the whole thing. It was at this point that I realised that I had "forgotten" Richard Stanley and his subsequent career after Dust Devil. I had watched Dust Devil but didn't feel satisfied by the version that I saw. Through reading film magazines, I knew that there had been studio interference in the release of the movie and that was that. A 5-disc version was released in the US but it never blipped on my radar, strangely.

Back in 1990 I went to a screening of Hardware and it impressed me, largely because it was not a rip-off of The Terminator as the publicity implied in it's overt tagline. Instead it was a thought provoking movie that is as relevant now as it was then. However, the VHS copy was horrible. I remember the beginning sequence in the wastelnad as being orange not red. Of course I could have been rather drunk whilst watching it but the memory remains. As no decent copy had been released in the UK up until now, I had forgotten about this classic.

So, I did some research for the interview. In particular I must thank "Between Death and the Devil" for such a wealth of interesting information. Richard's MySpace page is also a treasure trove of interesting, insightful blogs.

This all made me feel as if I'd missed out on something all these years. I can't turn back the clock but I've decided to catch up by ordering the Limited 5-disc version of Dust Devil which, as I've read, contains a wealth of fascinating material.

Richard Stanley was a pleasure to interview but 15 minutes just wasn't enough. He's an extremely amiable and mesmerising person to talk to and has a lot to say on my favourite subjects.

The interview feature is here.

Other interviews and resources worth checking out if you have an interest in the career of this remarkably creative director are below;

Monday, 15 June 2009

Pig Hunt News

There's a lot of buzz going around about this movie. People involved with the production are doing well to circulate articles and news about it, so I'm going to pass it on;

SFAppeal posted this article;

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Recommended CD: Paul Cusicks's Focal Point

When I saw an ad on Facebook I almost carried on what i was doing, but a little voice said "check it out". I'm glad I did. The ad stated that Paul's work was akin to Blackfield and I was sceptical, but there are parallels whilst retaining an individuality. Ther are reviews on amazon and places and listeners like myself like the album.

If you're interested please support the artist direct by visiting the site above.

DVD Review: Midnight Chronicles

Mike reviews Midnight Chronicles over at Flash-Bang Movie Reviews. Can't say this is my thing, but some of you might dig it.

DVD Review: Stoic

Mike reviews this Uwe Boll movie over at Flash-Bang Movie Reviews

I had to laugh at Mike's opening line in this review; "I’ve had a dig or two at director Uwe Boll in the past"! Really? What self-respecting movie geek hasn't? But, I have to say, the trailer doesn't look all that bad. I found the trailer for Postal tasteless and amusing in a Borat kind of way. And I *cough* kinda enjoyed House of the Dead. Yep, you knows it, I'm a sucker for the Zed movie :O

Frankly I'm not going to slag off a guy's movies if I havent' seen them and clearly a lot of "reviewers" don't actually watch them. I won't name and shame, they're obvious and have talkbacks ;o)

Check out Stoic if you've got an open mind. podcast - Episode 13...

...the one where Flash-Bang Mike and myself get a mention. Thanks guys!

"Four reviews of some very popular movies. First, we start off with 2 Nazi Zombie movies: Dead Snow and Outpost. Both movies are relatively unknown movies, although Dead Snow will get a limited theatrical release soon. From there, we move to Toby Wilkins' Splinter, a new age monster movie that is gaining some steam these days. We round out the podcast with a discussion on End of the Line. Get our takes as well as opinions from some of our listeners on these four horror movies.

Also, we continue with our Top 50 Horror Movies of all-time list with numbers 31-35.

News includes updates on Trick 'r Treat and the new Scream trilogy."

These guys know their horror, even if they don't always agree with us ;o) Life would be boring if they did :O)

Remember that these guys sell quality T-Shirts, like this new release;

Children of Bodom Lightning Reaper All Over Print

Pig Hunt at Another Hole In The Head Festival


The return of Pig Hunt!
"The wildest American horror movie of the year!" plays the Roxie Cinema as a selection of the Another Hole in the Head Festival.
  • Saturday • June 13th, 7:15 pm
  • Monday • June 15th, 9:30 pm
Roxie Cinema
3117 16th Street
San Francisco, CA
To purchase advance tickets:
Will sell out. Buy seats early...

Get on the hunt!

PIG HUNT is...
"Enjoyably offbeat...unpredictably mixing disparate pacing, tones, humor and brute action. Fans tired of rote remakes and ripoffs will appreciate the pics idiocyncracy. The action is no-holds-barred muscular." – Variety

"The finest horror film to have been made this year!" – Eye for Film

"Holy Sh*t - what a f***ing crazy flick! I was on the edge of my seat...It's one seriously balls out horror/action hybrid." – Arrow in the Head

"On the verge of kick-assery...Moments so exciting they can only be described with made-up words...triptacular. It's B-movie heaven" – Portland Daily Vanguard

"Pig Hunt retains an unpredictability that no bottom-line-focused mainstream horror film would dare...or even conceive of." – San Francisco Bay Guardian

"A total gore-filled freakfest of a film." – SF Weekly

"The wildest American horror movie of the year!" – Mitch Davis, Fantasia Film Festival

"PIG HUNT is an intense and scary ride that goes places you never expect." – Tony Timpone, editor FANGORIA

"It’s a big, bloody sausage that Isaac has packed with ground up bits of plot and camera angles from Deliverance, Predator and every monster movie from Evil Dead to Black Sheep." – Willamete Week

"I really liked this movie, I did. Pig Hunt is a flawed, but really fun film, that you'll enjoy..." – Film Threat

"Damn fun from start to finish!" – IndieWeek

“One sizzling hot slice of giant killer pig mayhem you are not going to want to miss. Harkening back to flicks like Deliverence, Razorback, and Piranha, Pig Hunt is a genre bending ass-kicker that is sure to please…”

PIG HUNT -- : synopsis by Another Hole in the Head

"The hunt begins in San Francisco, where John is about to take his group of weekend warriors on a male bonding excursion into the outback of the Californian hills to bag wild boar. As we are ushered away from the land of pretty views, Victorian houses and perfectly formed cappuccino foam, we are quickly introduced to tattooed war vets and crazed inbred hillbillies high on biker crank, gunpowder, and gasoline. This is also a world inhabited by sexy commune girls who grow pot, raise emus and worship pleasure, pigs and mud baths. And that’s before they cross paths with the legendary “Ripper,” a three thousand pound wild hog. PIG HUNT is unquestionably the best of its breed, with sudden impact, steaming guts, and heart-pounding chase scenes. A shot of pure adrenaline with a chaser of dark, dark humor. Pig Hunt delivers the goods in dripping buckets and an XXL side of bacon!"

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Interview: Jim Beaver

I stumbled across an interview with Jim Beaver, star of Supernatural and Harper's Way, and thought it was worth people looking at;

Mediablvd Jim Beaver interview

In it he talks about his recent work and a book of painful memoirs. Inspiring.

News: Deadworld Movie one step forward?

Digital Spy report:

David Hayter has signed up to write and produce zombie comic book adaptation Deadworld, says Variety.
Watchmen and X-Men screenwriter has joined forces with Pandemonium's Bill Mechanic to bring Gary Reed's comic to the big screen. Benedict Carver, who runs Dark Hero Studios with Hayter, is also producing.
Deadworld puts a new spin on the post-apocalypse zombie film, picking up after the undead have taken over the planet and focusing on King Zombie, a motorcycle-riding corpse with a grudge against human survivors.
"It's very much about the design of the Deadworld and creating cool, frightening but not necessarily gory creatures," Hayter said. "I am a huge fan of zombie mythology."

I read Deadworld, back in 1988(?) and still hold First Prints of the original stories. The art was a bit wacky but the story was pretty good, then Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead came along. TWD is the definitive Zombie serial as you Zombie lovers will know. Now, if HBO could produce an hourly serial drama based on that, I'd be in Seventh Heaven. I'll keep an open mind about Deadworld. I doubt it'll be much before 2011 until we see this.

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Coming Soon: Doghouse

Check out a second trailer for this fun UK horror movie;

Typically, this is not showing at The Odeon Chelmsford. Grrr!

Preview: The Warrior's Way

Previously called "Laundry Warrior" and now wisely renamed "The Warrior's Way", Twitch have posted a promo reel.

This looks like my kind of movie. Hopefully, the ropey CGI towards the end of the promo reel, will be fully rendered in the finished movie.

New Soundtracks At LaLaLand Records

My favourite soundtrack record label has just released two great new CDs!
Caprica - this is the score for the recently released DVD pilot for an ongoing spin-off from Battlestar Galactica. Bear McCreary has composed another superb score, full of innovation and emotional melody. Different from the BSG scores, it is no less stunning for it. Authographed copies are still available as at the time of publishing this blog.
28 Weeks Later - The atmospheric John Murphy score is finally on CD along with extra tracks not included on the iTunes "album". This CD is limited to 1500 copies. Autographed copies have sold out.
The CDs are available here

Terminator 5: Taking the Piss

Image poached from mannythemovieguy

Bleeding Cool has posted this article.

You'd think I'd be pleased that the movie will potentially be set in London, but I wish they'd just leave the franchise alone. My recent review of Salvation recognised that a lot of work was put into the film but the story left a lot to be desired. So, I have little faith in a 5th production. Movie studios have got to realise that movies are successful for a myriad of reasons. Terminator 3 showed that, despite Jonathan Mostow's grand attempt, you can't match the Cameron vision. So, why bother?

And...if it turns out that the story is true, that Connor travels back to 2011, I will be pissed off. The Star Trek franchise showed how badly Time Travel can screw up with a story (apart from the recent reboot that is) the Terminator franchise is now a mess.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Trailer: The Book Of Zombie

For a no-budget Zombie horror, this doesn't look too bad!

Synopsis: "A small, sleepy Utah town gets an undead wake-up call when all of the townspeople of Mormon faith suddenly transform into flesh-eating ghouls!

Now, a group of "non-believers" unaffected by the mysterious epidemic must band together to survive the night and answer the burning question: How do you kill a Mormon zombie?

The Book Of Zombie Official Site

Thanks to Bloody Disgusting


The Zed Word has some great zombie artwork up on his site!

Ashes to Ashes Episode 8 review

I don't normally review Ashes to Ashes but the final episode of Series 2 was such a kaleidscope of emotion, action and twists that I had to put my fingers to the keyboard.

The writers easily equalled the stunning Life On Mars finale (the end of LOM Series 2).

So how did we get to this point, episode 8?

Well, Alex Drake (played alluringly, sexily and vulnerably by the fantastic Keeley Hawes) is still stuck in a 1980s mental fabrication whilst her physical body lies in 2008, and working with Gene Hunt (portrayed by Philip Glenister, with playful glee). Over the course of the previous 7 episodes, Alex has learned to "live" within this reality whilst looking for the trigger that will allow her to return to her understanding of normality and reunite her with her daughter. The series introduced a story thread involving the Masons, bent coppers, another visitor "from the future" and the mysterious "Operation Rose".

Episode 7 was the strongest episode yet with a number of huge reveals that have changed the course of the series, including Summers killing his younger self and putting Drake into a situation where she was partly culpable, and that Chris (compellingly played by Marshall Lancaster) had been on the take. Alex has also been recording her thoughts on her stay in the 1980s which will end up causing her problems. The bullet has been removed from Alex but it only signals more trouble for her.

Summers has been very persuasive in trying to get Alex Drake to join operation Rose and become a corrupt officer in order to get home.

With another wonderfully inspired vision, this time in the form of a Jackanory episode told by Gene Hunt, Drake's latest predicament is revealed; an infection is spreading and only a "kill or cure" 50cc of drug can save her. it suggests that if she doesn't solve what is going on with Operation Rose she will be stuck where she is.

Following last week's events, Chris is still treated as a Pariah. Even his jokes (however good) are being ignored by the team. Shaz (played with red eyed conviction by Montserrat Lombard ) just looks on, unable to sort out her feelings for him. Chris, like Alex is looking to change his lot.
He's given the chance as Gene, Alex and Ray discover that a bullion heist is on the cards, one that Alex remembers hearing about. They find out through the femme fatale Jenette and her meathead brother, "Tiny Tim". TT is scared of Operation Rose despite being renowned for being a heavy. The conspiracy surrounding this heist goes right to the top and has been insidously behind events all through this second series.

As the episode continues, it becomes obvious that all Operation Rose is, is a group of corrupt policeman looking to make a substantial amount of money. On paper this might look like a let down, in the plot of episode 8, but it is merely the plot device to move things inexorably to the end.

Chris has been given an opportunity to redeem himself by accompanying the robbers to the location of the heist. Shaz, instead of treating him like a leper, confesses that she was proud of him for the way he handled the mess he'd got himself into and agrees that the wedding is still on.
The shoot-out echoes the train robbery in S2 of Life On Mars. Shaz gets a great scene where she saves Chris, dressed in a wedding dress.

It transpires that Summers was not the bad guy after all. This is surprising because he had become almost demonic in his hounding of Alex. Summers had been testing Drake's corruptibility to lead her to this point and the opportunity for him to get redemption for what happened when he was a young man. He got paid to turn a blind eye to the robbery and the guilt had eaten away at him.

It looked there was a clear route back to 2008, solve this crime and go back. The countdown to 50cc of "cure" is shown explicitly through signs, in posters, alarm clocks and crisp packets. Her, Gene and Summers meet in a face off but Drake doesn't go home. Not surprisingly we get to see Jenette's true colours as she threatens to kill Drake. Hunt fires but gets Drake instead.

Drake wakes up in 2008 to find herself with Molly Outside Alex's room, Summers body is wheeled out from the room next door. Alex is relieved and happy but finds that Gene Hunt is on the monitors telling her that he is being blamed for the shooting. Drake, gets up out of bed asking for help only to find that every monitor has Gene asking for help.

So, is she in a coma in 1982, dreaming of 2008. Is she in 2008 hallucinating about Gene still? Is it a kind of purgatory that she's in?

The third series is supposed to clear all this up.

The last time that I remember a BBC drama having as compelling a series finale is this is Blake's 7. Bearing in mind the writers were unsure that a Series 3 would be greenlit, it could have been the actual end.

I'm looking forward to next year and to see if they can top this second series. Will John Simm return? Who knows....

Monday, 8 June 2009

New Musical Project

Check out Sara Angel; new to the music world. Voice of an Angel. Hopefully, there'll be some more music in the not too distant future;

Horror Movie Review: Dead Snow

If you like over the top, gory, Nazi zombie movies then this one is for you. People in the UK can imagine that the Nazi Zombies are BNP MEPs ;o)

DVD Review: Underground

Big Mike reviews the action fight picture Underground over at Flash-Bang movie reviews

DEAD MEAT - a blog of the dead

The Zombie site, Revenant, has posted an article on a cool blog, if you like the Zombie genre. Dead Meat tells the tale of two survivor's in the small town of River's Edge, that has a Bee problem; 'Bee' is the nickname given to the zombies because they travel in swarms. DEAD MEAT is written by brothers Chris and Patrick Williams who definitely have a great story coming to life on their blog

Check it out and follow the story.

DVD Review:My Bloody Valentine 3-D

Directed by Patrick Lussier

Starring: Jensen Ackles, Jamie King, Kerr Smith, Tom Atkins

Harmony is an American town whose economy relies on the Hanniger Mines. The owner employed his son Tom (Jensen Ackles) to the annoyance of the other workers. One night Tom screws up and a methane explosion causes a cave-in that seals several workers inside. Only one survivor, Harry Warden (Rich Walters) is found, in a coma. Harry survived by killing his fellow workers to conserve oxygen. Neat trick! His signature method was to despatch them with a pickaxe. A year later Harry wakes up and proceeds to commit mass murder in the same fashion, that culminates in him attacking some youths having a party in the mines where it all began. Harry is shot by town sheriff Burke (Tom Atkins) before he can kill Tom. Harry Warden is assumed dead when another cave in is caused, trapping him in the mine.

Ten years later the residents of Harmony have gone on with their lives. Tom returns to the town after his father has passed away, to sell the mine. Tom's childhood sweetheart Sarah (Jamie King) has married his old friend Axel (Kerr Smith), who become the town sheriff replacing the now retired Burke. Tom's not the only person to have returned. A lone figure dressed as a miner and armed with a pickaxe carries out a new killing spree that the townsfolk immediately blame Tom for. They guess that Harry Warden has returned and is out to get Tom, not caring who's in the way. Many people die in glorious 3-D before the truth is revealed.
I was never a great fan of the 80s slashers, I was more into the Argento/Fulci/Romero/Carpenter outputs. John Carpenter, of course, could be blamed for the rise in the slasher thanks to Halloween. Therefore, I always kept an eye on the genre. The director of My Bloody Valentine, Patrick Lussier, doesn't do a bad job on this even if I'm not a great fan of this particular type of horror movie. At least slashers were more fun than some horrors, if you didn't read much into them.

The main talking point, of course, is the 3-D aspect. Does it deliver the goods? I have to say that it does. It takes full advantage of the medium to fling pickaxes at us, explosions, splatter and nudity. Lussier gives us this amidst a taught screenplay by Todd Farmer and Zane Smith that happily recognises what was fun and watchable about the 80s slashers. Like the recent remake of Friday the 13th, this movie keeps the blood flowing with quite the body count. Gorehounds will not be disappointed.

Gary Tunnicliffe who created the superb monstrous effects for Feast is at the makeup FX helm, here. He does a great job and it astounded me that the movie got an R in the US and was passed seemingly uncut in the UK as an 18. Normally, this amount of gore and guts gets slightly edited for a cinema release (an unrated release in the US is the kiss of death at the box office where on DVD it's a joy to behold) and then gets a full uncut unrated release on DVD.

The cast is mainly a mix of well known and not so well known TV actors. This is not a bad thing as television shows are now competing with movies as far as quality is concerned.
Jensen Ackles takes time off from the superb show, Supernatural. Here, he is clearly trying to distance himself from the character of Dean Winchester, by changing his accent slightly. He doesn't sound quite so macho in this. Ackles gives a fine performance in this flick when he could have just coasted and picked up the cheque. Kerr Smith's Axel is sympathatic but you still want to punch him. Jamie King, who has been in Sin City does her best with her role. But, kudos has to be given to Betsy Rue as she spends all her fairly short screen time totally buck naked. That must have been a difficult shoot! Again, as she's seen fully nude I'd have expected the movie to be unrated. She reminds me of the scream queens of old, like Linnea Quigley. Lol! What a trooper! It's not like she's come from a porn background and used to this prolonged exposure on set.

Also highly memorable is the very welcome return of Tom Atkins. This guy impressed me as a young boy by nailing Jamie Lee Curtis in The Fog. He has had memorable roles in Escape From New York, Halloween III, Lethal Weapon and Night of the Creeps. He gives the production a kind of gravitas just by being on screen. When he's onscreen with Kevin Tighe (Road House) there's a little low budget movie magic going on.

So, all in all, entertaining. It's not going to appeal to serious horror movie goers who like brains writing their movie instead of being smacked out by a pick axe ;o) But there's enough going on to satisfy those who like a high body count and gory, inventive, deaths.

Sunday, 7 June 2009

News Roundup: Week Ending 07/06/09

Hopefully, time permitting, this will be a regular item where I do a take on the week's news. It should include news on movies, television, comic books, and occasionally music that interests me. Come aboard for the ride and I hope that there's something here for all of you.

Feel free to comment if there's something you'd like to say.

First Up;

Sam Worthington

Clash of the Titans

You may have read my Terminator Salvation review at Flash-Bang movie reviews. It wasn't particularly kind. I have to say that I believe that McG and everyone else involved truly set out to make a good action flick, and might be scratching their heads at some of the more high profile bad reviews. It really is just that they missed what was popular about the previous movies. Yes, even Rise of the Machines.

One of the best things about Terminator Salvation was the performance of Sam Worthington as the mysterious Marcus Wright. I may have seen SW in the movie Hart's War but don't remember much of a movie that was ok, but nothing special.

What does the picture above tell us about next year's remake of Clash of the Titans? Well, they seem to be going far away from the original's clean look. Looking at the cast, they've got a collection of decent thesps in; Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Danny Huston (I'll forgive him for Wolverine) as Poseidon and Alexa Davalos as Andromeda. You might recall Alexa from the TV show Angel, Chronicles of Riddick and Defiance. Not only is she good looking, she is a great actress.

Alexa Davalos - Titan hottie

Gemma Arterton plays Io. I haven't seen her in anything other than Quantum of Solace, so can't judge on her acting skills.


[REC] has gone down as one of my favourite horror movies. I was surprised to read that a sequel was to be made and now trailers and clips are surfacing online. whilst the movie looks like we're observing a First Person Shooter video game, I have every feeling that it will be entertaining.

I'm intrigued as to how Manuela Velasco's character Angela survived the first film.


A movie that crept up on me without hearing any details, previously is Gamer. Gerard Butler heads a decent cast in a movie that deals with people being used for multi-player gamers. He plays a star player that decides he wants independence from the game's mastermind, played by Michael C Hall. Hall has proven himself to be not only a versatile actor but one of the best American actors on US television today. His role as the likeable serial killer Dexter is one that I look forward to seeing every time a new season airs.

Gerard Butler is famous for his role as King Leonidas in 300. He seems suited to be in action movies and should be good to watch in Gamer. This movie has a slight bit of Tron in the plot despite not being a CG movie. I guess that parallels will be drawn with the recent remake, death Race and perhaps the X-Files episode 7X13 "First Person Shooter"

GAMER Trailer


Fearshop have another of their awesome podcasts this week; 10/06/09. Rumour has it that I might be mentioned which is unexpected but welcome, being the massive horror fan that I am.

Episode 13 - What's more evil than a Zombie? A Nazi Zombie!

Remember that FearShop do a cool collection of T-shirts and ship worldwide! :O)

Check out the Toxic Zombie shirt!


Ad Lane's project is moving forward with more people contributing to be producers. There's talk of a teaser trailer being made; a step forward that I feel is necessary. I've had feedback that there isn't enough content to reassure people that the project is viable; harsh but fair. I'm in and urge horror film fans to take a chance, especially those resident in the UK. I believe that AD Lane is the real deal and wants to produce an exciting twist on the zombie movie. A preorder DVD is less than a night out and gets UK residents the chance to be an extra.

My Zombie makeover

The Indywood site

The ZED Word Blog

ZedWord has been busy with some cool updates that I would have posted ;o)

His take on the sad passing of David Carradine, the trailer for Left for Dead 2 (vg), and notification that Empire mag has posted 10 minutes of the movie Doghouse! Cool! BTW Mail order Zombie Karoake has to be heard to be believed! Crazt Shit! lol!

Twitter Highlight

Brian M Bendis, comic book writer, warned parents that Land of the Lost is not suitable for minors; not much of a stretch as it's a PG-13. However, when questioned, BMB pointed out that trailers for the movie are peppered throughout ad breaks on kid's TV channels and before kid's movies. So, seriously, parents be warned that the movie includes; "boob-grabbing", drug-taking, and cuss-words.

Last Exit To Nowhere

I've kept meaning to buy a T-shirt from these guys for ages, and never got around to it. Funds did not permit me to consider it. But when I saw one of the new designs I had to have it

Main Force Patrol

They have a wide range of shirts for the movie geek, including shirts for Cyberdyne Systems, The Winchester Tavern and Weyland Yutani. All cool designs!


My favourite band are touring later this year in support of their new album Less = More, which is a collection of songs performed differently. I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed that mainland Europe seems to be the focus of the tour with no less than six dates in Holland. There's not much of a UK tour, so far that I can see.
Good news that a Ls Vegas convention is being considered for 2011 and forum members are being asked for their views. I'll be up for this, possibly.

Check out this newsletter for merch news, bag a bargain!


Thanks for reading guys! Stay safe wherever you are!

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Feature: Wolf Creek

Read my take on the superb horror; Wolf Creek

DVD Review: Kick The Moon

Read Will's review of Kick the Moon

Review: Terminator Salvation

You'd think that Terminator Salvation would have been my kind of movie. Guess again;

Terminator Salvation Review