Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Obsessed Commuters

I've been commuting to London for just over 20 years and I thought I'd seen it all; man's inhumanity to man. This morning took it up to a whole different level to which I had to wonder what really does go through some people's heads, if anything.
Now, I have to confess that myself and a fellow commuter know where the doors should stop when the 7.03 from Chelmsford arrives at Platform 2. As there are no markers that part of the platform it can be a bit of a lottery as each driver interprets the 8 carriage stop in a different way, sometimes in a weird and not wonderful way. I reassure myself that this is not OCD but a practical solution to ensure that we get a seat. I hate standing rooted to the spot for 40 minutes.
This morning I was a couple of minutes later than normal. We find the spot and wait for the train at about 06:45. As I walked up at the stairs to Platform 2, I saw a guy on his way up the platform. Now, i walk fast, but this guy turned, saw me behind him, and sped up. Needless to say I carried at my own hasty walking speed.
Somehow, I knew what he was going to do. As I approached I could see that John was already there (normal for a morning. he camps there I think) and next to him was a woman. The guy who noticed me and sped up stood to the right of John.
So, he sped up to get to the spot that I normally stand at. Unbelievable! How petty lol! I thought that the woman might have moved slightly to her leftto accomodate my presence and allow me to speak to John properly, but no.
There are some strange people around and you'll more than likely find them on public transport.

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