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News Roundup: Week Ending 07/06/09

Hopefully, time permitting, this will be a regular item where I do a take on the week's news. It should include news on movies, television, comic books, and occasionally music that interests me. Come aboard for the ride and I hope that there's something here for all of you.

Feel free to comment if there's something you'd like to say.

First Up;

Sam Worthington

Clash of the Titans

You may have read my Terminator Salvation review at Flash-Bang movie reviews. It wasn't particularly kind. I have to say that I believe that McG and everyone else involved truly set out to make a good action flick, and might be scratching their heads at some of the more high profile bad reviews. It really is just that they missed what was popular about the previous movies. Yes, even Rise of the Machines.

One of the best things about Terminator Salvation was the performance of Sam Worthington as the mysterious Marcus Wright. I may have seen SW in the movie Hart's War but don't remember much of a movie that was ok, but nothing special.

What does the picture above tell us about next year's remake of Clash of the Titans? Well, they seem to be going far away from the original's clean look. Looking at the cast, they've got a collection of decent thesps in; Liam Neeson as Zeus, Ralph Fiennes as Hades, Danny Huston (I'll forgive him for Wolverine) as Poseidon and Alexa Davalos as Andromeda. You might recall Alexa from the TV show Angel, Chronicles of Riddick and Defiance. Not only is she good looking, she is a great actress.

Alexa Davalos - Titan hottie

Gemma Arterton plays Io. I haven't seen her in anything other than Quantum of Solace, so can't judge on her acting skills.


[REC] has gone down as one of my favourite horror movies. I was surprised to read that a sequel was to be made and now trailers and clips are surfacing online. whilst the movie looks like we're observing a First Person Shooter video game, I have every feeling that it will be entertaining.

I'm intrigued as to how Manuela Velasco's character Angela survived the first film.


A movie that crept up on me without hearing any details, previously is Gamer. Gerard Butler heads a decent cast in a movie that deals with people being used for multi-player gamers. He plays a star player that decides he wants independence from the game's mastermind, played by Michael C Hall. Hall has proven himself to be not only a versatile actor but one of the best American actors on US television today. His role as the likeable serial killer Dexter is one that I look forward to seeing every time a new season airs.

Gerard Butler is famous for his role as King Leonidas in 300. He seems suited to be in action movies and should be good to watch in Gamer. This movie has a slight bit of Tron in the plot despite not being a CG movie. I guess that parallels will be drawn with the recent remake, death Race and perhaps the X-Files episode 7X13 "First Person Shooter"

GAMER Trailer


Fearshop have another of their awesome podcasts this week; 10/06/09. Rumour has it that I might be mentioned which is unexpected but welcome, being the massive horror fan that I am.

Episode 13 - What's more evil than a Zombie? A Nazi Zombie!

Remember that FearShop do a cool collection of T-shirts and ship worldwide! :O)

Check out the Toxic Zombie shirt!


Ad Lane's project is moving forward with more people contributing to be producers. There's talk of a teaser trailer being made; a step forward that I feel is necessary. I've had feedback that there isn't enough content to reassure people that the project is viable; harsh but fair. I'm in and urge horror film fans to take a chance, especially those resident in the UK. I believe that AD Lane is the real deal and wants to produce an exciting twist on the zombie movie. A preorder DVD is less than a night out and gets UK residents the chance to be an extra.

My Zombie makeover

The Indywood site

The ZED Word Blog

ZedWord has been busy with some cool updates that I would have posted ;o)

His take on the sad passing of David Carradine, the trailer for Left for Dead 2 (vg), and notification that Empire mag has posted 10 minutes of the movie Doghouse! Cool! BTW Mail order Zombie Karoake has to be heard to be believed! Crazt Shit! lol!

Twitter Highlight

Brian M Bendis, comic book writer, warned parents that Land of the Lost is not suitable for minors; not much of a stretch as it's a PG-13. However, when questioned, BMB pointed out that trailers for the movie are peppered throughout ad breaks on kid's TV channels and before kid's movies. So, seriously, parents be warned that the movie includes; "boob-grabbing", drug-taking, and cuss-words.

Last Exit To Nowhere

I've kept meaning to buy a T-shirt from these guys for ages, and never got around to it. Funds did not permit me to consider it. But when I saw one of the new designs I had to have it

Main Force Patrol

They have a wide range of shirts for the movie geek, including shirts for Cyberdyne Systems, The Winchester Tavern and Weyland Yutani. All cool designs!


My favourite band are touring later this year in support of their new album Less = More, which is a collection of songs performed differently. I have to say that I'm slightly disappointed that mainland Europe seems to be the focus of the tour with no less than six dates in Holland. There's not much of a UK tour, so far that I can see.
Good news that a Ls Vegas convention is being considered for 2011 and forum members are being asked for their views. I'll be up for this, possibly.

Check out this newsletter for merch news, bag a bargain!


Thanks for reading guys! Stay safe wherever you are!

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