Saturday, 13 June 2009

DVD Review: Stoic

Mike reviews this Uwe Boll movie over at Flash-Bang Movie Reviews

I had to laugh at Mike's opening line in this review; "I’ve had a dig or two at director Uwe Boll in the past"! Really? What self-respecting movie geek hasn't? But, I have to say, the trailer doesn't look all that bad. I found the trailer for Postal tasteless and amusing in a Borat kind of way. And I *cough* kinda enjoyed House of the Dead. Yep, you knows it, I'm a sucker for the Zed movie :O

Frankly I'm not going to slag off a guy's movies if I havent' seen them and clearly a lot of "reviewers" don't actually watch them. I won't name and shame, they're obvious and have talkbacks ;o)

Check out Stoic if you've got an open mind.

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