Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Blu-Ray Review: City of the Living Dead

A classic Lucio Fulci horror movie gets a superb treatment by Arrow Video on this Blu-Ray disc. Fans of unusual horror movies should check this out. Fans should just go out and buy it!

City of the Living Dead Blu-Ray Review

DVD Review: The Graves

There has been quite a lot of activity at Flash-Bang, of late.

I hate to be so critically damning of a movie but The Graves is truly bad in every sense and gives low budget horror movies a stink that some don't deserve.

The Graves DVD review

Movie Preview: The Last Exorcist

This is either going to be very scary or just plain silly. See what you think by watching the trailer below. Thanks to AICN for posting it.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Mad Max 4: Fury Road News

The 20 year old actor Nicholas Hoult (Clash of the Titans, Skins) was on GMTV this morning, talking about a recent trip to the slums of Nairobi, on behalf of Christian Aid. During the interview, his role as Nux in Mad Max 4 was mentioned. Sadly, apart from confirming that Chalize Theron is in it, he had no more to say. Presumably, it's all still Top Secret.
So this isn't news as such, but does confirm that pre-production is in full swing and that principal photography is due soon.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

DVD News: Mutants


The debut feature from French writer and director David Morlet, Mutants is a gripping movie that takes the traditional Zombie genre milieu (Morlet took his inspiration from "28 Weeks Later" and the films of David Cronenberg) and introduces some interesting themes, twists and turns to make it a stand-out among the Zombie crowd.
In a world devastated by a pandemic virus that turns human beings into primitive and bloodthirsty creatures, the last hope for survivors is the military station 'Noah' where scientists are researching the cure.
Marco (Francis Renaud) and Sonia (Hélène De Fougerolles) set off to find the secret base to escape from the 'mutants'. When they are attacked Marco becomes contaminated and little by little begins to undergo the same changes as the other creatures. Sonia, pregnant with her first child, must somehow fight off the hordes and force herself to fight the man she once loved.
Marking David Morlet as a director to watch, Mutants is an extraordinary debut that features stunning film sets, top-notch special effects and make-up, and stand-out performances from the lead actors. Mutants begins with a bang and builds to a fantastic climax that will leave viewers wanting more!

Mutants (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£15.99) by Momentum Pictures on 10th May 2010.

Zombie News: Cpt Rhodes speaks - The Dead will return

Joe Pilato posted a new bulletin on myspace yesterday;

Here is a little article from one of my most recent interviews.

Joe Pilato returning to the zombie genre for the animated prequel
Night Of The Living Dead: Origins. What made you want to get involved?

"First of all, I think Zebediah DeSoto is going to be the next Orson Welles. I'm such good friends with Krya Schon and to have the opportunity to replay a performance that her father originally performed was a great honour. I wanted to bring my love and sensibility to show my respect to Kyra and Karl Hardman. And of course, Tony Todd agreeing to recreate his role as Ben [from Tom Savini's Night Of The Living Dead remake] and Zeb's writing and complete adherence to the original story, it was just a project that one couldn't say no to."

Check out Zeb De Soto's profile-