Thursday, 20 August 2009

DVD Review: Shinjuku Incident

Big Mike has posted a review of this period thriller, set in the 90s (the 1990s).


naive shy 'Jie' smuggle themselves to Japan on a container ship searching for a better life and Steelhead's lifelong crush Xiu Xiu, who has disappeared after moving to Japan a year previously. Once in Tokyo, the pair find themselves struggling to survive working for illegal labour bosses doing the worst kind of dangerous manual labour.
A chance meeting with another illegal, the excitable 'Hong Kong Boy', brings them into contact with some low level Chinese street Hoodlums. Steelhead quickly proves his reliability and courage and it is not long before he has gathered a crew of fellow Chinese together, and is moving up into petty street crime. The rest of the film follows Steelhead and the gang's rise and the inevitable collision course with the Yakuza.

Flash-Bang Action Movie Reviews: Shinjuku Incident

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