Tuesday, 18 August 2009

DVD Review: Cradle Will Fall

From the distributors;

Based on actual events, CRADLE WILL FALL, the debut feature from co-directors Lars Jacobson and Amardeep Kaleka, is a terrifying "stalk and slash" shocker with a very disturbing twist that combines elements of "The Shining" and ‘Flowers In The Attic".
For a group of four young children, danger lurks in the one place they would naturally expect to be safe: their home. Even worse, it comes in the form of the one person they would instinctively look to for protection… their mother.

With her trucker husband away on the road for much of the time, a young mother struggles alone to raise her three young children and newborn baby on their secluded farmhouse. Already suffering from a deep depression, the pressure of attending to the needs of her family finally causes her mind to snap and initiates a filicidal rampage from which there is no return. Faced with the unimaginable horror of the one person he loves most in the world threatening to kill him and his siblings, 10-year-old Jimmy is forced into protecting his little brother and sister while fending off the increasingly vicious attacks from their deranged mother. As the tranquillity of his once safe home rapidly turns into a blood-drenched night of terror, Jimmy must rely on both his wits and his courage as he prepares to take on the most unexpected enemy of all in an epic and harrowing battle between mother and son.

Loosely based on the true story of Andrea Yates, a Texan mother who drowned her five young children in the bath in 2001 while suffering from post partum depression, CRADLE WILL FALL takes the premise to "slasher" movie extremes resulting in a highly suspenseful and deeply disturbing viewing experiences.

Starring Colleen Porch (I Know Who Killed Me: Transformers; Starship Troopers 2) and Joel Bryant (Valkyrie; The Heartbreak Kid) as the children's parents, the film also features a standout performance from Ridge Canipe (Walk The Line; The Bad News Bears) as the young boy who is thrown into the middle of an unthinkable nightmare.

CRADLE WILL FALL (cert. 18) will be released on DVD (£12.99) by Momentum Pictures on 10th August 2009.
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