Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Early News: Timeless

This bit of news, in from my favourite movie news website Twitch ;
Michael Bartlett and Kevin Gates came to our attention a little while back with The Zombie Diaries, an ultra-low budget affair that nevertheless managed to put a slightly different spin on the material, breathing some fresh life into the tired genre. While The Zombie Diaries certainly shows some of the limitations of its miniscule budget it also made it very clear that Bartlett and Gates were the real thing, very talented directors with a unique spin on genre material that made them very much worth keeping an eye on. And now they’re back.
Due to shoot in 2010, they’re next picture will be a time travel picture titled Timeless and while they’re keeping tight lipped about any specifics - as they should with this sort of material, no point spoiling your own film - they have released the initial key art and allowed the fine lads over at Quiet Earth to post some impressions on the script. Very few details in there but they’re very enthusiastic and this is definitely one we’ll be keeping close eye on.
I liked The Zombie Diaries. Whilst it wasn't perfect, there was some genuinely creepy tension at the farmhouse and I liked the twist at the end. So, Timeless could well be a good film. I'll be keeping tabs on the production.

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