Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The Witchblade Teaser

No sooner has a movie adaption of the comic book Witchblade been announced than a teaser poster has appeared. "Teaser" is the right word.

Witchblade is about a New York cop, Sara Pezzini, who finds she is destined to wear the Witchblade; a device that gives the wearer phenomenal power. Like Buffy, a woman is chosen to wear it in every generation. Not only does Sara find herself battling the usual evil threats, she has a constant battle with those that want the power of the Witchblade for themselves.

The comic book has been made into a US television series with Yancy Butler and a Japanese manga series.

No actress has been announced for the role, yet. Fan boys are crying out for Megan Fox (Transformers), but I'd got for Jill Wagner (Blade TV series). In my view, Wagner has the looks, figure and sassiness for the role. Also, she's proved to be a kick-ass heroine in the TV series Blade, based on another comic book. C'mon casting agents, give her a call.

Jill Wagner

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