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Review: Storm Warning DVD

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There's a new movie review site out, and it's been created by my very own Numero...One myspace buddy and long time friend, Mike.

The site is http://www.flash-bang-movie-reviews.com/ and deals with mainly the action genre. We give honest reviews, without an agenda that should appeal to the man on the street, but will also contain bits of trivia and movie knowledge for those more movie literate. What we don't do, is read too much into the film. That's for the "proper" critics. Also we don't do talkbacks. Think about it, do you really want to read a bunch of comments from people who pride themselves on having a pop at others? Nope, didn't think. If you do, go to the sites that promote chatter.

I will post overflow reviews here, on this site. These are reviews that cross outside of Mike's site's mission statement. My first review is for Dimension Extreme's Storm Warning. Thank you for reading. (btw; friends can add comments to this despite my note above).

Storm Warning

Directed by: Jamie Blanks

Starring: Nadia Fares, John Brumpton, Jonathan Oldham


An ill conceived boat trip leads to a horrifying encounter with some local psychos and the realisation of what needs to be done in order to survive.

This is another of Dimension Films Extreme label which I would have expected Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror to be part of. Jamie Blanks was responsible for Urban Legend and Valentine, so I wasn't expecting much from this. My fears were confimed when the opening sequencing shows the mundane journey of the lead characters; Pia and Rob. Like an uninteresting travelogue, we see shots of them in a small boat running aground (a boat that size, really? It's a dinghy FFS). To shelter from the oncoming "Storm" (which never really gets going it seems) the pair find a house.

Now, I always say in my reviews that I like to suspend my disbelief and just get on with the enjoyment of a film. I failed during Storm Warning. Maybe, because of the tedious opening. Anyway, when Rob and Pia arrived at the house I had to ask myself if these guys had ever seen any horror movies! Clearly, the buildings exuded menace. Upon entry, seeing the state the house was in, you'd think they'd work it out; Bad people live there!

The real menace starts when two brothers (from different mothers, of course) return. They're mighty psssed that two strangers have entered their home but they're more worried that they have woken up "Poppy" than anything else. There's a subplot (if you can call it that) of drug running but it's never fully explored. There's no time for that. Initally, the brothers seem to welcome the pair in their twisted way. It soon becomes clear that the pair want nothing more than to kill Rob and rape Pia. After mentally and emotionally torturing the pair, the brothers trap them in a big barn.

Suspension of disbelief failed again when the brothers lock the couple, untied, in a barn full of sharp objects. These brothers never watch the A-Team?
This is when I took notice of the movie and it's appeal kicks in. To say too much would be to really spoil a great surprise. I will say this, the movie earns it's extreme moniker.

If you want a twisted, survivor, horror that might not echo the tension of Switchblade Romance but certainly echoes the gore then this film is for you.

8/10 for the last half an hour alone.

DVD watching tip for this film; FFW until the couple reach the island at nightfall. Unless, inane dialogue is your thing.

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