Saturday, 24 May 2008

Brian Keene's Project for Marvel Comics

Straight from Brian Keene's myspace page;

Joe Quesada, Editor-in-Chief of Marvel Comics, announced today that award-winning horror novelist Brian Keene has been named as the writer for a new Devil Slayer series, debuting this Fall under Marvel's Dead of Night horror brand (part of the adult-themed MAX line).

"Brian's writing a four-issue series reinterpreting the bad-ass character Devil-Slayer," said Quesada. "We're going to be looking at this character in a new, MAX light, and tie directly into some key events going on in the world today, in the classic Marvel tradition."

Both the creators and the company are tight-lipped about specifics, but Keene has confirmed the new series will take place on the frontlines of Iraq.

"When I was six-years old," Keene said, "my father took me to the newsstand and bought me issues of The Defenders, Man Thing, and Captain America. I took them home, read them, and immediately abandoned my childhood dreams of being an astronaut or a cowboy. Instead, I wanted to write for Marvel Comics. I'm pleased and honored to finally see that become a reality."

Here is a sneak peek of early character designs for the all-new Devil Slayer.

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