Saturday, 31 May 2008

Babe Of the Week: Jenna Fischer

Inspired by a friend's blog, where she listed a few celeb men that she would like to schmoozle with, I felt the need to share my Top TV Totty, and Top Movie Totty. Actually, just women that I wouldn't have a chance of scoring with, but if I was single I'd love to have a go at scoring with. You get my drift, I reckon.

Jenna Fischer - a current distraction of mine.

I didn't bother with the US Office after seeing clips that used the same set ups and script as the awesome UK Office. I missed out. So, I've been catching up. One of the many reasons I watch it, is to look at the sexy office girl Pam Beesly. Jenna Fischer is cute, and more approachable than your average on screen lovely. And she's in her thirties so I don't feel too bad about looking at her.

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