Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Review: Inside DVD

If you've got a strong stomach and aren't pregnant, then check out the horror that is


I highly recommend it if you like artsy, horrible, tense horror. Dimension Extreme have just released it on Region One/USA and it is available for French horror fans. (no English subs, those Xenophobic Gallic DVD distributors!)

Quite simply it is the tale of a woman, Sarah, who is coming to term on her pregnancy. 4 months previously she was in a car crash and lost her husband. Ever since, she lives a lonely life filled with waking and sleeping nightmares of her dead husband and her unborn baby.

One night a mysterious woman arrives and once we find out her motives for harrassing Sarah, things get really screwed up.

This movie will have the most die-hard gore fans squirming in their seats. It makes Haute Tension aka Switchblade Romance appear tame. It ratchets up the same amount of tension but ramps up the gore.

The cinematography is beautiful. At one stage, focusing on one horrifyingly clear image, it seems almost perverse to enjoy the cinematography. Of course, the movie has subtitles, so any heathens who can't be bothered will miss out, natch.

For once the bloodydisgusting.com cover quote on the R1 DVD is spot on, unlike their criminally wrong quote on the turd that is Automaton Transfusion (which I wil review soon.)

Another Dimension Extreme which really deserves to be unrated!

A big horrific 8/10!

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