Friday, 11 June 2010

TV Series Preview: The Walking Dead

Needless to say, I'm following this production every step of the way, and Ain't It Cool News are doing their best to help me. Forget what I said about the make-up in a previous post, look at this;
KNB are showing their commitment to this project with award winning make-up effects. Ok, so the hands seem a little under-rotten, and I'm still not sold on the contact lenses but this is awesome work!

Thanks again, to AICN. The original article is here;

Anyone familiar with Issue No 1 of the comic book might recognise this zombie. I think it's the first zed that Officer Rick Grimes comes across, on the roadside, as he exits the hospital. This means that the TV production might be keeping some key elements of the first issue. This is a good thing.

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