Thursday, 3 June 2010

Movie News: The Crow Reboot/Rehash/F**k up* delete as appropriate

It's a downer for movie news today. Alex Proyas filmed a beautiful movie called The Crow based upon a dark, graphical novel. It was a bittersweet affair as it took a rising star from us, in the form of Brandon Lee. With Graeme Revell's score and a superb supporting cast, The Crow was one of my favourite movies of the early 90s. It spawned a run of awful sequels that took the Crow concept of revenge and shoved it down the toilet basin. It also spawned a terrible TV series that wasn't far off Michael Landon's angel TV series "Highway to Heaven"

Sadly, the run of rubbish remakes is not over and The Crow is about to have it's memory shat upon once more with a remake/reboot whatever...

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