Thursday, 3 June 2010

TV series preview: The Walking Dead

To say that I'm excited about a TV series based upon Robert Kirkman's excellent comic book "The Walking Dead" would understate how I feel. But looking at the initial make-up effects pictures from the show, I'm slightly deflated. You can see the images here;

Walking Dead Zombie pics

I really don't want to be down on the series before anything has been properly shown, but what is it with the red eyes of the zombies? It reminds me too much of the 28 "insert" Franchise that I have no problem with, but stylistically, I wonder why KNB/Frank Darabont have gone down this route for the zombie look. A more realistic milky effect on the eye would have been more unsettling, like the 1990 Night of the Living Dead, where Savini wanted more realistic zombies based on actual corpse photos. These stills look too virus based for me. Kirkman's book has made the point of not even hinting at what actually caused the zombie epidemic.

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