Friday, 8 January 2010

WHITEOUT - Coming Soon to Rent and Buy

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Whilst the snow comes down outside, why not continue the wintry theme inside and grab a copy of Joel Silver-produced WHITEOUT when it’s released to rent exclusively from Blockbuster this Friday.

Antarctic conditions we may be experiencing, but count yourself lucky that there is no blood-thirsty serial killer on your trail like Kate Beckinsale in this action-packed thriller.

Mind you, at least she seems to have the outfit for it...

The coldest thriller ever, WHITEOUT is from the producers of The Matrix and Lethal Weapon trilogies and stars Kate Beckinsale as a US Marshall stationed on the most isolated land mass in the planet. 3 days before her assignment is due to end, she is sent to investigate a body in the ice. With winter closing in and in the deadly Antarctic whiteout, she won’t see the killer until he is a hair’s breath away...

To be reviewed here or on Flash-Bang Action movie reviews.

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