Thursday, 21 January 2010

Blu-Ray Review: Suspiria

If any of you consider yourselves experts on horror movies then you should be all too familiar with this unusual but ultimately satisfying movie. It blurs giallo with, what was at the time, hardcore horror with a flourish of arty direction. Sadly, Dario Argento made few movies after that held the same fascination. Saying that, I recommend his contributions to the horror anthology series Masters of Horror; "Jenifer" and "Pelts".
I've contributed a brief review of the Blu-Ray disc over at Flash-Bang;
I think that my anger towards the Cine Excess tagline of "Taking Trash Seriously" is justified. I've since read another comment on it, on a DVD Review site. It alienates the very customer base who will be attracted to the label's output. It's indicative of today's marketing "initiatives" that seem to have no idea of target audiences. A small child could have come up with a better presentation of the DVD. Then there's the cover of the re-release of the DVD "Two Evil Eyes"....
One word? Shite!

An additional bit of info I forgot to mention in the review; the Blu-Ray is locked as a UK disc, Zone B. Those interested across the pond will need a multi-region BR player.

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