Saturday, 13 February 2010

Walking Dead Casting Rumours

Check out the article below for "rumoured" possibilities for the casting of the lead character; Rick Grimes

The author of the article is right. The casting of Rick is key to the success of the series. I don't feel Bamber has the emotional range. Pelligrino? He might cut it. I've not seen Townsend in anything but he doesn't look right.


ZedWord said...

I've only seen Pellegrino play nasty characters. He hasn't been Jacob very long (and Jacob's kind of an aloof character), but he plays a right bastard as Lucifer on Supernatural and the boyfriend in Dexter.

I was quite happy with Bamber's work on BSG, so I could see him in that role.

At least all these folks appear to be good actors. That's a start.

wayfarer said...

I take your point, mate, but if you recall Pellegrino's acting in both Dexter and Supernatural, he has a soft side that he taps into very well. Consider the changes that Rick goes through (the rage that he expresses), I'm not convinced Bamber has the range. I like him, but not for this role.