Sunday, 28 February 2010

Theatre Review: Ghost Stories at The Lyric, Hammersmith

"Please keep the secrets of Ghost Stories"

We were told as the house lights came on after this thrilling experience. Keep them I will whilst reviewing this play with a difference.

Having travelled to London just to see a 2 minute trailer it seemed only fitting that I do something else whilst in the Capital. But, I do this every week day, go into London, for work. So, despite there being a wealth on offer, I tend to lose interest. Scouring through the many online resources I could stomach I was reminded of Jeremy (League of Gentlemen) Dyson/Andy (Dead Set) Nayler's play (and you can call it that) Ghost Stories.

At such short notice I could only get the Upper Circle, but for £10 I wasn't going to complain. Numbers have been scrawled on the Lyric's walls, similar to those in the image above. Atmospheric sound effects came from every speaker, before the performance began (even in the Ladies loos I was reliably informed by my wife).

There was no clue to as to what exactly Ghost Stories was going to be. It tuned out to be witty, compelling with that League of Gentlemen twist that I've come to know. It owes more to Pscychoville than to the League, so anyone concerned should be assured that the play is more accessible.

It stars Andy Nyman who I remember from the TV gorefest, Dead Set. Andy played the character Patrick, the producer of Big Brother that makes Rhodes from Day of the Dead look sane.

Although, the audience that I saw it with weren't that receptive and reactive to the scares, I still felt the hair rise on the back of my neck a couple of times. Ghost Stories is well worth checking out, but get a seat in the Stalls.

Ghost Stories is 80 minutes long and it's run ends on 3/04/10.

Book Ghost Stories now, at The Lyric, Hammersmith, London.

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