Thursday, 16 July 2009

Thursday Rant: More Wolverine Disappointments

I can get incensed by movie news, but I don't tend to blog about it much. When it comes to missed opportunities, I get quite angry. It's a condition known as "Geek-Anger" and can get set off easily when reading movie news articles.

Animated Wolverine

Ok, we've had the Fox Kids X-Men where Wolverine had a gravelly voice and got taken out by an energy rifle every time it looked like he was going to pop those claws and slash bad guys. That's cool, it was for kids.
X-men Evolution had the same gravelly voiced character do pretty much the same stuff but took more of a leadership role.
Wolverine and the X-Men took Logan's leadership qualities even further and has proved to be a fairly kidult series.
A non related Hulk Vs Wolverine animated movie has been the best so far, with Wolverine actually drawing blood! The best aspect of this show was the treatment of the Weapon X saga; it showed X-Men Origins how it should be done!

So on to an article posted by Aint It Cool News;

it details a panel where the acclaimed writer Warren Ellis will discuss new anime projects at a Comic-Con, for Japan! Wolverine is one of these projects.

Now, I don't expect an animated feature along the lines of the recent Wolverine Unleashed game. That even surprised me with it's 3-D cut scenes and the level of violence shown. But, I would have liked to have seen Marvel produce a film series equal in quality to Hulk Vs that detailed Logan's solo adventures; Ideally, a feature based on the Madripoor adventures. Surely, there's a market out there for that. Clearly, their eyes are on the Asian market not Domestic.


Next, this sounds too awful to be true. Another article posted by AICN via Variety;

Not content with helping to screw up a perfect opportunity to bring a solo wolverine movie to the screen, Jackman now chooses this lame-ass idea for a movie, from the writer of "hitch" (cos that was a class-A comedy wasn't it folks!)

Either the script is very good or Jackman wouldn't know a good idea if it bit him on the ass. I like the bloke too. It's just disappointing. I'm now warming to the fanboy calls for Jackman to play Dirty Harry. The idea sounds a lot better than the premise of "Avon Man". FFS.

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