Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday Rant: World War Z

Well, not exactly, but I can't help being pessimistic. Last year, J Michael Stracynski's draft screenplay adaption of Max Brook's excellent book World War Z had critics gushing. Now, we read that this screenplay has been handed to Michael Carnahan for a rewrite. Brooks is positive, citing that the money spent so far will mean that the movie will be made. That's a bit naieve. Many movies go through a lengthy, expensive, pre-production before getting the boot.

I hope the movie does get made. The original article:


ZedWord said...

Did you read that Marc Forster is off the project now as well? That's the word out of SDCC, anyways.

wayfarer said...

That's disappointing! I've neglected your blog for a while. I must visit. Hope you're well.