Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Italian Zombie Movie Reviews

One of the best low budget zombie make-ups I've seen. Pity it ends at the neck. Thanks to the original hoster for this image.

The Zed Word Blog reviews a number of Italian Zombie movies in inimitable style. Great stuff, if you're like me and have a strange fondness for no-budget Spaghetti Horrors!

Check em out here; The Zed Word Blog
There's a special place in my undead heart for Zombi 2, lovingly titled "Zombie Flesh Eaters" in the UK before it was snatched off the shelves by a Draconian government, and banned in it's uncut form for years. Working as a kind of prequel to Night of the Living Dead it had to inspire the end credit scenes of the Dawn of the Dead remake. If Romero's Island of the Dead comes close to evoking a similar atmosphere, I'd be pleased.


ZedWord said...

Since I'm not up on the current ins and outs of the British Nannystate, do you know if the uncut version of Zombi 2 is legal in the UK as of now?

wayfarer said...

Zombi 2 was finally released, uncut on DVD in October 2005 thanks to the committed work of Anchor Bay. The movie was included in their "Box of the Banned" release, after the previously released Vipco version (released in 1999) still ran at only 88 of it's 91 minute running time.