Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Wrapped Up In Time

There never seems to be enough time. I'm trying to maintain this site more regularly than before to keep alignment with my work on the Flash-Bang review website. I'm still not sure who actually visits here and reads it. Whilst it doesn't matter a great deal, it'd be interesting to find out. Predominantly, I keep this site as a practice for reviewing technique but Flash-Bang Mike has been happy with my contributions so none has overflowed here.

So...this is why I erratically post television episode reviews here, to keep my hand in reviewing and improve my technique.

I see some of my friends make full use of Twitter and it's associated social add-ons and know that's not for me. Despite boredom setting in with my real world Chelmsford social life, I couldn't spend much more time online than I already do. I use Twitter to post a few bits, as you can see. I also use Facebook as a way of keeping in touch with friends. Anything more than that just seems wrong.

More often than not I get disappointed by behaviour. Take this weekend for instance. Despite my lack of interest I went to support my local pub's quiz night. There had been many comments of "I'll be there" but few who bothered to turn up. Why do people say they're going to do something and not do it. Are they afraid of telling the truth? Two couples turned up and wouldn't participate because their mates hadn't turned up. Bizarre!

So, there were 4 teams. The opening question was "What is the name of Data's cat in Star Trek the Next Generation?" Needless to say that I was ridiculed for knowing the correct answer. We got to a local knowledge round which was full of questions that only a local historian could answer. I spent most of that round seeing what a bar mat looks like inside out whilst picking at my nails with a pen lid. I have every sympathy will those who take the trouble in compiling quiz questions but that was taking the piss. It seemed clear that the group of people that would have been able to answer those questions never turned up. I'm talking about that those who visit lodges. Say no more. The irony lol!

By 11pm, I'd drunk a fair bit and spent time listening to the tracks that I'd put on the juke box; a selection of music that was varied but didn't include the nursery rhyme rap crap that had assaulted my sensitive music taste when I arrived at 7.30. I'd hope that "Slim Shady" had given up on recording but maybe the money ran out.

We raised £67 for charity by attending the quiz so I was grateful for that. Normally, these quiz nights were very busy.

So, what have I got to look forward to? Well, there's the Ultravox gig at the end of the month, with a Manic Street Preachers gig towards the end of May. There is, of course, a couple of small movies coming out soon ;o)


LizSara said...

If you're unhappy with the things you're not doing socially only you can change them. Have people over for movie nights, card or drinks. If you want to find new people to socialise with then find a local hobby or somewhere new to go.

No-one as any money right now so you'll have to get creative.

Paul and Nicole said...

Hey man - there's nothing worse than a quiz full of dud questions. Tell the quiz guy/girl to go and look up the stuff on my site - loads better: www.dpquiz.co.uk