Wednesday, 15 April 2009

The Leaked Wolverine Workprint - will it help the movie?

With the recent news of X-Men Origins: Wolverine being leaked on the Internet and the fact that "at least" 100,000 have already downloaded the film, many have speculated that the leak would hurt the film. But according to Entertainment Weekly, the leak could HELP the film.

Entertainment Weekly says that according to customer research statistics, X-Men Origins: Wolverine is rated #1 in two different groups (young men and men aged 31 and over) in terms of people wanting to see the movie. The two demographics are key for a large opening weekend, and seems to indicate a strong desire to see the film. Some are even saying that the leak was good "free publicity" for the movie.

Well, I hope that's the case! As a Wolverine fan I want it to do well so another is made. Also, Hugh Jackman is a very nice guy and I want it to succeed for him, too. You just have to follow him on Twitter for evidence on what he's like; Yes, the real one (for the cynics sitting at the back).

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