Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Business As Usual

Whilst it might have seen like I was away again, I have been busy. I've been away to a Marillion Weekend, in Holland; caught up on my television viewing habits and writing reviews for Flash-Bang. Catch my reviews for Manhunt, The Unborn, and Splinter over there;

My reviews for Body of Lies, and The Day The Earth Stood Still are coming up, along with a review of the Horror movie Dark Floors.
My reviews for The Unborn, and The Day After Tomorrow aren't particularly positive. I've always said that I'd prefer not to review a movie if I didn't like it rather than being overly negative. However, I do look for the positives in both movies. (There's a little there, honest!).
I have to stess that during my review of Splinter, I complained about the use of shaky cam style direction. Unfortunately, I forgot to balance it out with the fact that it didn't overtly detract from my enjoyment. I recommend the movie to any horror film fans out there. I hope to see more of it's quality produced.
So, since I last posted an X-Men Origins: Wolverine working print was leaked on to the WWW. Was it Fox? Or a disgruntled Fox employee (or ex-employee)? Of course, I never watched it but I have read that the characterisation is poor and the finale is illogical. I'll see at the end of this month. I'd love a press pass to see this movie before, but that won't happen.
Coming Soon:
Reasons to love the end of Season 2 of The Sarah Connor Chronicles. No, really!

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