Tuesday, 12 April 2011

TV Preview: Doctor Who Season 6

As April 23 approaches, more and more material is flooding on to the internet about Doctor Who Season Six (using the Russell T Davies reboot timeline instead of season 32). I've not known of so much activity pre-season as this one. Not even the inaugural adventures of Matt Smith's Doctor, in Season 5 seemed to attract quite as much attention from sci-fi sites. It might just be that I've taken more notice this time around. Personally, I think it's because this season (split into two sections) is genuinely going to be something special. I was looking forward to Mat Smith's Doctor last year, only to be initially disappointed with much of Season 5. When I went back to it, by watching the Blu-Ray box set, it came alive for me more and improved so much more on second viewing. I like the mystery of the silence and the long running saga of River Song. Here's a rundown of some sites with Season 6 content;


A good resource for Doctor Who articles:

The new Radio Times cover with spoilers;

Watch the online prequel to 6.1 - The Impossible Astronaut:

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