Saturday, 16 April 2011

Movie Reviews: The latest Rundown...

We've been busy at Flash-Bang with the following reviews:

Will reviews the Entertainment One release of Norwegian Ninja, out on Monday 18th April 2011:

Mike has reviewed Cine Asia's upcoming release of Wooch The Demonslayer, out on 25th April 2011;

Mike has reviewed Wushu out on 18th April 2011:

My review of Takashi Miike's awesome samurai epic 13 Assassins. Due in UK cinemas on 6th May 2011;

 My review of the superb thriller The Door, starring Mads (Casino Royale) Mikkelsen, also out on 18th April 2011:

 Mike has reviewedthe excellent I Saw The Devil, out on 9th May 2011:

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