Tuesday, 14 October 2014

The Walking Dead Season 5: Have we seen Neagan?

I reckon all of you that have seen "No Sanctuary" Episode One of Season 5, have been blown away. What an exciting season premiere! There are plenty of reviews online, so I'm not going to get into that.
What I will give is more kudos to the cast for outstanding performances, especially Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, Chad L Coleman, and the kid that plays Judith. Also, Bear McCreary's score not only provides the voice to the fear in the episode but once again adds the humanity and emotion to the proceedings. The piece playing when the group meet up with Carol, Tyreese, and Judith was heartbreaking.

Instead of a review, I'm going to suggest that we've seen the first glimpse of a hot Walking Dead comic book character; Neagan.
Just before the final credits we go back to "Then" before the cannibals became sick, twisted fucks. A guy opens a storage container door and picks out a girl, presumably for his pleasure and that of his colleagues.
In the credits, the character is described as Terminus Guard, from what I can gather, and played by Nelson Bonilla. I could be wrong. Even in HD, we don't get a look at the actor long enough, but I think that this character could be Neagan, who is one crazy badass in the comic book and kills off a major character in a gruesome, grisly, and upsetting way.

Why? Well, in recent interviews, key TWD personnel have been saying that the TV series will be following the comic book more closely. By that I think they mean using key characters and some locations. It's been hinted that Neagan will appear sooner rather than later, despite Robert Kirkman's protestations.
I guess we'll see....

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The_Ron_Coyote said...

I suspect we don't see Neagan (your further along in the comic than I am)for some time yet. But you missed the really huge spoiler and the closing shots screamed it at you. Morgan is back. But he's clean as a whistle. His gear looks brand new from the store. Nothing like a man surviving in the wilds during a zombie apocalypse. When he sees the mark on the tree Rick left. He looks back. He isn't alone. Question is: In who's company is he?