Sunday, 3 March 2013

News Story: Bieber Bashed by Barnsley

In shock news last week, ( Justin Bieber was accused of copying what was a soon to be revealed secret costume element of the world famous Marillion fan group "The Parrotheads". Andreas Barnsley Woodrow accused Bieber of stealing the idea and then flaunting it all over London. The gas mask look was due to be part of a surprise costume idea to celebrate the Marillion album, Radiation, or R10, to 30,000 fans (including those sneaking in) in Holland this coming weekend.
Woodrow is no stranger to controversy. He has been accused of stealing costume ideas before. Brent Smithers, well renowned English/Scottish/Irish/Italian/Actually we really don't quite know where he's from, writer for "I C U" security magazine and Twitter acount, had this to say:

"It wouldn't surprise me if Woodrow nicked this off Bieber. Woodrow stole my idea of bringing inflatables to gigs years ago. I like to wave an inflatable Strat in the air at gigs, so does he. But he always has to go one better."

Woodrow is currently hiding out ahead of this weekend's Marillion gathering, citing that he will not be drinking and will be keeping a "low profile".
Meanwhile, Bieber who is President of the Making Sure Music is Mundane group is upset that his birthday didn't go according to plan. Close friends said that they didn't know who Corey Haim was. How were they to know that Bieber was going in Fancy Dress?

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