Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Borley Rectory: Trailer for new short film

I was only young when I got a morbid fascination with the Occult; from ghosts to UFOs (UFOs weren't strictly occult but for some reason in the 70s, lumped into the same category). A book that I got hold of was the Usborne Guide to the Supernatural World. In it was a section on "The Most Haunted House in England": Borley Rectory. So began a lifetime's interest in the Rectory and the hamlet nearby. This interest included an investigation of the Borley Church that was fascinating, if only for the lack of wildlife in the area.
In the late 90s, I came up with a treatment for a trilogy of books set at Borley but felt that the rights to using the site, even for pure fiction might be too hard to get hold of...and too expensive.

I've always wanted to get involved with something, any project to do with Borley but never followed it through.

It's great to see someone else has taken an interest based upon the very same material and pointed me in the direction of this new short.

More info and Teaser Trailer

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