Thursday, 3 March 2011

"The Chance to begin again in a golden land of opportunity and adventure"

No, please no. No more, I've had enough. No, not the words of a man just about to commit suicide (at least not just yet) but what I say to Hollywood, as the latest in a seemingly endless stream of internet bullshit issues out about future movie projects; Robocop and Blade Runner.
I realise that much has been reported about a Blade Runner and Robcop continuation or "reboot" in the past, but we seem to be ever closer to seeing an actual movie related to the news stories.
Most often than not, rumours start by what I call a "fanwank". It's something a bunch of fans want to see so they invent a rumour designed to capture interest and perhaps stir a studio into action. They rarely amount to anything. It's generally concerted campaigns that get something produced like the "Nuts" campaign to bring back the TV show "Jericho" and the Browncoat movement that led to a big screen incarnation of "Firefly" in the form of "Serenity"
Here we have two iconic movies where everything went right (mostly) and captured the imagination of at least one generation. I think it's safe to say that Blade Runner alone inspired many creative people into doing what they currently do for a living.
Let's concentrate on Blade Runner for a moment. The production team took a script based on a Phillip K Dick book and made something different but quite visually stunning. If Ridley Scott is to be believed, the depth and subtext of the movie was a accidental byproduct to a story he considered as more of a Western - a sheriff killing criminals in his town. What we do know is that much of the visual design and stylistic approach was based upon available budget. So, factors conspired to make a great movie, a unique film. To remake it would be a very bad idea. I have no trouble with filmmakers looking for a way to write a story in the Blade Runner world. Themes that arise in the novel and the movie are still very relevant today.

Robocop - a smart, witty script; good Visual effects, good acting, and a terrific score. All add up to another example of a movie that should be left alone. The concept has already suffered a toothless second sequel and TV series and an animated show. At least Robocop Prime Directives attempted to bring the story back to the original movie and make it darker and more adult. Again, continue the idea in a new story but do not remake it.

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