Saturday, 8 January 2011

Film Review: Midgets Vs Mascots

Midgets Vs Mascots
Directed By: Ron Carlson
Starring: Gary Coleman, Jordan Prentice, Jason Mewes
In a similar vein to Jackass, Midgets Vs. Mascots follows ten contestants, five of whom are midgets and the other five are mascots, as they take place in a madcap competition for a million dollars in prize money.
This is the sort of movie that will divide people into those that like mad comedies with no regard for political correctness whatsoever, and those that can’t abide anything that might poke fun at sections of the community. I don’t care if the line is pushed a little by comedy. Borat, for instance, could at times, be a step above the balls in your face style of comedy that it had. Borat was genuinely laugh out loud funny. "Midgets..." doesn’t even try to raise itself above the connotations that the title suggests. It’s funny in a crude and lewd sort of way and reminded me of exploitation movies of the past; because this is what it is – an exploitation movie. 

The one person it greatly exploits is the late Gary Coleman. It’s best not to reflect on the fact that this was the last movie Mr Coleman made. Think about it too much and the movie becomes a sad indictment of a person whose career went from boom to bust very quickly. He plays a “little person” that provides comedy by biting his taller associates or jumping up and boffing them on the head.
For UK viewers, there are “It’s a Knockout” style competitions that either you’ll find hilarious or downright offensive. It’s easy to laugh at the Mascots, but some of you might feel guilty at laughing at the “midgets”. For a more intelligent comedic look at little people, see the BBC show Psychoville.
The funniest thing that Jason Mewes has ever done was wake up halfway through the Chasing Amy commentary and introduce his fellow commentators. To put Mewes in a starring role on this film was dishonest. He has about three lines and is clearly not the guy in the Sherriff mascot costume if you look carefully. So, if you’re a Kevin Smith fan, don’t buy/rent this movie on the fact that he’s billed; you’ll be disappointed. Instead watch it because you want an irreverant movie.
If you like crazy, exploitative, comedies then this is for you. The faux documentary aspect of the film doesn’t work as well as Borat and the stunts aren’t as extreme as those in the Jackass movies but there’s still fun to be had. Given the premise and given the advertising, no-one can really get upset by this film. Don't like? Don't watch. Simple.
It’s not a film that I’d recommend but worth a look if you fancy something different from the usual American comedy.

Score: 4/10 

Midgets Vs Mascots is in cinemas from 10th January 2011 (although who knows where)
It's on DVD/Blu-Ray on 14th February 2011.

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