Friday, 4 September 2009

AIRWOLF Themes News!

A long time ago, now, I missed out on the release of the Airwolf Themes soundtrack by Mark J Cairns. I joined the forum, watched as ebay prices soar; had disappointments at not winning bids, or couldn't afford the bidding war. War it was too, with prices fetching up to $500. By chance, in 2005 I happened upon an ebay sale and finally got the 2-CD set for a very reasonable price that didn't involve a bank loan.

The soundtrack not only met my expectations it surpassed them. I admit to finding a couple of tracks on the old Napster but I never knew how much work had been put into recreating themes from the show. In truth Mark J Cairns improved upon Levay's theme. This was evident upon watching the show again on DVD.

This made me even more hungry for more. Finally, this trailer proves that more is on the way. It's a great tribute to the opening scenes of the Airwolf pilot. Have a look and wait for the EP to reach digital vendors soon.

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SurgeFilter said...

Well, it's (Airwolf Main Themes EP) out now and it's awesome.

I'm in Airwolf heaven (again). If you're a fan of the show, this is a *must have* collectible. Absolutely perfect.