Friday, 22 May 2009

Invasion of the Not Quite Dead Movie - Get involved

Interesting times are ahead, as I've begun to get involved in this project;

When I say "involved" I mean that I have pre-ordered the DVD. I intend to purchase a producer package too.

Why? Well, I've always been interested in independent cinema, or low budget cinema. You may recall that i use the tagline;

"Low budget does not equal low quality"

I won't repeat information that is on the site, if you're interested too, please visit and get involved too.

I will be pursuing ways in which I can help this worthwhile project. this space. I will be posting updates. Otherwise, follow us on Twitter;


Wayne Turner said...

Thanks. I`ve just looked at the website, off the back of reading your blog. It does sound like a good investment and i`ve just signed up to 2 copies of the film, as well as the VIP Executive Producers role - all from reading your blog.

wayfarer said...

That's excellent Wayne! For the record, I'm not affiliated with the project directly; I'm a fan just like you and want this to be successful. Keep an eye open for my own updates on the project.